Alois Graphics offers print designs for our products like Books, Magazines, Brochures, leaflets, Posters, Election posters etc. We also provide layout, typesettings for Journals, Magazines, Books etc. Our designs are in line with the goal of getting a good quality printing. Our workflows are under Apogee v11 software. Apogee v11 offers a mechanism to combine print jobs in an intelligent way in order to optimize press time, while also keeping track of the actual order. With this new feature, it caters to the needs of printers faced with shortening run lengths and looking for ways to keep their presses running as efficiently as possible to maintain sustainable margins. The challenge of combining orders on a single press sheet does not lie in the actual placement of the various orders, but in keeping track of the separate orders and allowing for proper finishing. With Apogee v11, collation marks, signature barcodes and all other marks remain in place and refer to the original order.